Village Clinics: Current Services

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Village Clinics: Current Services

Swasthya Swaraj runs Health Centres at two locations deprived of health facilities in Thuamul Rampur Block of Kalahandi.

Health Centre at Kaniguma village in the Kaniguma Gram Panchayat- 55 km from the district headquarters of Bhawanipatna and 27 km from the block Headquarters at Thuamal Rampur, is located in a humble, rented structure, has a dedicated team of 5 doctors from different parts of the country, catering to people from 150 villages, 20 gram panchayats and 4 Blocks.

Health centre at Kerpai village in Kerpai Gram Panchayat is 100 km by road from Bhawanipatna and 77 km from Thuamal Rampur. This area is scenic, unique, inaccessible and an epitome of deprivation. All the villages of Kerpai and its neighbouring Gram panchayats of Silet (recently carved out of Kerpai) and some villages of Nakrundi gram panchayat (total 38) are a part of our comprehensive health program. This is where ‘No doctors have gone before’.

Both the Health Centres are venues for training and ongoing education programmes for grass root level workers (Swasthya Sathis and Shikhya Sathis), Field animators, community nurses, staff nurses, lab technicians, and medical students; and also a meeting and relay point for the entire organisation as well as a launch pad for all the Extension Outreach Clinics.

Services Offered:
  • Both health centres provide 24×7 emergency services – medical emergencies, deliveries, care of newborn, minor medical and surgical procedures and OPD services.
  • Resident doctor and  staff run the clinic every day
  • Outpatient Clinic once a week (on the village market days)   is attended by many doctors to attend to a large number of patients turning out.
  • In-patient services for admitted patients with 4 beds
  • Comprehensive laboratory services including all essential biochemical tests with 2 trained senior lab technicians. Rational use of investigations is strictly adhered to.
  • The pharmacy where  principles of rational drug use policy are strictly followed
  • Swasthya Samvaad – Health education to the public
  • Referral services  to a higher centre by Jeep Ambulance and accompaniment by staff
  • Regular in-service training for the staff nurses and other clinical staff
In The Pipeline:
  • Shifting of the health centre to a larger facility with more space for 8 beds in the inpatient ward including emergency care & neonatal care, emergency obstetric care, larger laboratory and pharmacy, along with better residential facility for the staff.
  • X-ray facility  at Kaniguma
  • Registration of the health centre  under Odisha State Clinical Establishment Act
  • Transportation being the worst bottleneck preventing people to access health facilities in this area, Swasthya Swaraj is planning to bring out various transportation facilities suitable for the hilly, inaccessible areas.

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