Of all the forms of inequalities, inequality in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane. 

-Martin Luther King Jr.

Swasthya Swaraj is a secular, not-for-profit, organization working towards making health a reality for the poorest and unreached. Swasthya Swaraj has set up a model community health programme – Swasthya Swaraj Comprehensive Community Health Programme in the tribal-dominated Thuamul Rampur Block of Kalahandi district in Odisha, India. Our focus areas are Health and Education. We dream of a people’s movement for SWARAJ in health – a just and equitable society, free from the shackles of ill health, illiteracy and poverty.


Health–Related Activities

Two Health Centres committed to making high quality, affordable primary healthcare accessible to the poor in the tribal area with community participation.

Community Empowerment programs

Swasthya Swaraj gives equal importance to the empowerment of communities with a view to make possible meaningful community participation and community action for health.
Swasthya Swaraj

This is a documentary that was done by channel AID showcasing work done by us.

OUR Blog

Moving Mountains

Toladehi Majhi is a young mother of 4 from the Kondh village of Pindhapadhar in Kalahandi district of Odisha. An elderly woman is soaking in the sun while a rooster struts around with curious yet vigilant eyes . …… Read More…

Broken bodies…. Broken lives….

Anantho ( called as Antho) is a five year old boy from Podapoi village in Kerpai Panchayat. He was accidentally seen by our medical team during our visit to the villages. He was left to die in the village square as the village ‘guru’ had pronounced his imminent death as he was not to recover from fatal illness. We found him lying alone naked, covered by the filth of his vomitus and flies and chicken feeding on the vomitus…. Read More…

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