Of all the forms of  inequalities, inequality in healthcare is the most  shocking and inhumane.
-Martin Luther King Jr.

 Swasthya Swaraj was born out of the passionate desire and commitment of a small group of professionals (all women) to make a difference in the lives of the poor and poorest. Swasthya Swaraj is a not-for-profit, charitable society; this organization stands for the aspirations of a people who are powerless and deprived of their right to health. Swasthya Swaraj team is committed to making health a reality for the poorest, the most neglected and the unreached.

Swasthya Swaraj has set up a model community health programme - Swasthya Swaraj Comprehensive Community Health Programme in Thuamul Rampur Block of Kalahandi district in Odisha, India. Thuamul Rampur block is a tribal area and is an epitome of deprivation and inequity.

We work for improvement of  health (SWASTHYA) in this dark tribal pocket by bringing a small diya which is passed on to many people through the health promotion activities, but our ultimate dream is much larger. It is community action for freedom (SWARAJ) -  a peoples’ movement for health and freedom from the shackles of ill health, illiteracy and poverty.

Our Vision:

  • A society free from ill health, illiteracy and poverty, where every human being lives healthy and happy, in harmony with nature.

Our Mission Statements:

  • We commit ourselves to empower the least and the last and the most unreached in the society; to liberate them from the bondage of ill health, illiteracy and poverty and thereby promote equity and equality.
  • We facilitate peoples’ movement for health by empowering the people for community action for health.
  • We promote community based research on the unique health problems in the tribal pockets and find solutions for them.
  • All our activities and programmes are participatory, educative, empowering and based on human rights and noble values of tribal culture.
  • Our guiding principles are Justice, Equity, Integrity and Compassion.


2/306, Nuapada,
P.O Bhawanipatna, Kalahandi District,
Odisha - 766001, India.
Phone - 06670230177, 08895478648.
Email - swasthyaswaraj@gmail.com


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