Mortality: Maternal & Neonatal

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Mortality: Maternal & Neonatal

In the area we work, the maternal mortality is unacceptably high and child mortality is 284 per 1000 live births. 74% of Infant mortality rate is neonatal deaths. Malaria in pregnancy is to the tune of 27-32% which leads to maternal and foetal complications and low birth weight babies.

Regular high-quality antenatal care is the first step towards reducing maternal mortality and morbidity and ensuring neonatal survival. As the most vulnerable group- pregnant mothers and under-five children are not able to walk long distances to reach the health centres, SS has organized regular extension clinics targeting pregnant women and under-five children (ANC-U5 clinics).

These clinics are conducted in 8 locations regularly once in 2 months when the whole team reaches out to far flung areas in a mission mode. In each location 5-6 villages come together. In each location, this is a mini village festival.

The activities include:
  • Control of malaria in pregnancy is given very high importance in the ANC programme. All pregnant mothers and under-five children are screened for malaria and anaemia with blood tests.
  • Anthropometry, growth monitoring, child health record, ANC Card., Vit A and Albendazole to all U5 children at intervals of 6 months.
  • Detailed physical examination of the ANC and U5 children
  • Nutrition supplements to all and takes home supplements to pregnant mothers.
  • Health education and counselling.
In the pipeline:
  • Setting up of community based therapeutic nutrition rehabilitation centres in these 8 locations where ANC-U5 clinics are being held. These centres will be community education centres and demonstration centres on nutrition.
  • Immunization programme to be taken up in areas where the coverage is near zero.

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