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Maternal health care in remote villages of Odisha

Maternal health care in remote villages of Odisha

Chanchala crosses two rivers by foot braving heavy currents to deliver Jeepa’s baby

Jeepa Majhi lives in Rupen village with her husband.

**The nearest district hospital from Rupen village is close to 105 km. The nearest maternal health clinic is approximately 32 km. The town has poor roads and no mobile network connectivity. **

Jeepa was very excited about her first pregnancy. She was diagnosed to be anemic during her routine check-up. The doctor advised regular antenatal care check-ups for a safe pregnancy. The doctor was expecting a high-risk pregnancy due to her health situation.

Things became serious when she developed labor pains at 2:00 am.

Getting timely medical help was the only way that Jeepa and her baby could be saved. The only way to reach Jeepa’s home in Rupen was by crossing two rivers. The currents in both rivers had become very strong because of incessant rains.

Her husband came to the Swasthya Swaraj’s clinic in Kerpai which is 7 km from Rupen village asking for help at 6:00 am. There were no other medical facilities nearby to help.

Chanchala, the nurse at Swasthya Swaraj’s clinic decided to help Jeepa. So, she set out on foot to Rupen. She crossed the knee-deep water and heavy currents risking her own life to bring a new life into the world.

Chanchala reached Jeepa’s home by 2:00 pm and delivered the baby. The baby was born at 2:30 pm with a healthy birth weight of 3 kgs.

Jeepa and her husband expressed their sincere gratitude to Chanchala. They were thankful that she decided to help them even in extreme weather conditions.

Without the help of the Swasthya Swaraj, Jeepa and her baby would have been at risk of losing their lives.

You can also help poor women living in rural areas get access to medical facilities. You can donate so that more infants in risk-prone areas can be saved from preventable deaths.

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