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Content Writer

Content Writer

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Content Writer

Location : Bhawanipatna, Odisha
Salary : INR 20000 Per Month
Opening Date : May 26, 2023
Closing Date : May 30, 2023

Job Descriptions:

Social Media Management, Fundraising.


Swasthya Swaraj offers an oppurtunity to those medical doctors who are looking to work in highly challenging areas and who can commit their time with the organisation where they provide their medical services. In tandem, one will get an oppurtunity to understand the culture of the ‘Kutia Kondh’ tribe.

Terms & Conditions:

This is nurturing a bunch of young doctors as next-generation leaders in health to promote health equity in the country. This program seeks to enhance the passion, dedication, and commitment of young doctors by mentoring them and providing them opportunities for experiential learning by working in challenging situations, to empower them to pursue their own quest for social justice in health. 

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