Swasthya Swaraj has set up the Swasthya Swaraj Comprehensive Community Health Programme in the tribal-dominated Thuamul Rampur block of Kalahandi district in Odisha, India. We dream of a people’s movement for SWARAJ in health – a just and equitable society, free from the shackles of ill health, illiteracy and poverty. The organization’s work can be looked as consisting of two separate arms of work – clinical work through the healthcare centres and community empowerment for sustainability and long good term health outcomes in the region.

Village Clinics

Two Health Centres committed to making high quality, affordable primary healthcare accessible to the poor in the tribal area with community participation. These two health centres are life-saving stations in this tribal area. Learn more about the activities of these spaces as part of our flagship intervention to arrest the immediate and urgent health issues in the region.

Community Empowerment

Swasthya Swaraj gives equal importance to the empowerment of communities with a view to make possible meaningful community participation and community action for health. Learn more about our community engagement efforts.