Swasthya Swaraj Tribal Health Fellowship


We live in an unequal world where science has revolutionized  medicine, but sadly  there has been no revolution for ensuring equal access to healthcare for all. Inequalities in healthcare are the most shocking and inhumane of all inequalities.

Tribal Communities in India constitute about 8.6% of the total population. In Odisha alone, 22% of the population is tribal, and they lie at the bottom of the development pyramid; they live in remote, geographically isolated areas where access to quality healthcare is grossly deficient and underfunded. In addition, doctors are unwilling to work in these underserved areas for fear of professional isolation,  lack of comforts, conveniences  and monetary benefits.

It is the work of civil society organizations and local governments that have taken the effort of highlighting the problems of tribal communities and making aware to mainstream audience, along with various interventions to create positive health outcomes in these regions. Since 2014,  Swasthya Swaraj Society has been one such organization that has worked in the remote tribal areas of Kalahandi district in Odisha- one of the most backward districts in India, to create positive health outcomes in the region.

Swasthya Swaraj offers an opportunity  to those  medical doctors who are looking to work in highly challenging areas and who can commit their time for an year with the organization where they will provide their medical services. In tandem, one will get an opportunity to understand the culture of  ‘Kutia Kondh’ tribe ( a particularly vulnerable tribal group)  which is the most prominent tribal community in the region.

What is this fellowship all about?

Tribal health Fellowship is one year of unique experiences in the area of comprehensive primary healthcare in the tribal block of Thuamul Rampur in Kalahandi district. This will be a paid fellowship. In addition, it offers an opportunity for learning, interacting, involving in research on relevant topics, and receiving mentorship from eminent doctors passionate about tribal health.

What are we looking for?

● Young, curious doctors- juniors and seniors, generalists and specialists(M.B.B.S),   who are open to experience the rich culture of the ‘Kutia Kondh’ tribe amidst the valleys and hills of the Kalahandi district, and the Karlapat wildlife sanctuary, and are willing to contribute their medical skills and expertise in the community.

● Practice of  high quality, ethical healthcare in low resource setting,  rational use of investigations and drugs. 

● Values of empathy, love, care, and the commitment to help improve the health outcomes of the tribal community

● Doctors who are willing to share their medical knowledge and expertise to the local frontline  health workers (swasthya sathis, Shiksha sathis, Tulsi sathis, Shishu sathis..) and middle level health  workers in their training, in ongoing training of the clinical staff to improve their competencies

● Addressing the determinants of healthcare like Primary school education and Nutrition in improving healthcare of the  tribal community.

What do you get?

● Learning about the comprehensive approach to primary healthcare- public health approach, involving the  community in healthcare effectively.

● Managing  medical, surgical and obstetric emergencies in low resource setting.

● Opportunity to live and work amidst a loving tribal community; and understanding their unique culture and traditions.

● An opportunity to learn from some of the best medical practitioners who were the pioneers in the development of community health in the tribal regions.

● An unique opportunity to implement your ideas.

● Opportunity for community based research on unique health issues in tribal health.

Willing to join the fellowship?

Please contact for more details with your resume!

Email: swasthyaswaraj@gmail.com

Mobile: 7326874618, 06670 295476.

Admin office: Swasthya Swaraj Society, Mahaveerpara, MSA Chowk, Bhawanipatna – 766001, Kalahandi district, Odisha.