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Swasthya Swaraj Comprehensive Community Health Programme is active in 75 villages from 6 panchayats, Kerpai, Nakrundi, Kaniguma, Gunpur, Sindhipadar and Gopalpur in Thuamul Rampur block.  This programme covers a population of about 14000 people.

Thuamul Rampur block of Kalahandi district lies in the south western region of Odisha. Kalahandi is a beautiful land of unending mountain ranges, gushing rivers, lush green forests, mineral rich soil and simple people.

our location

In spite of the nature’s abundance in gifts, Thuamul Rampur block is the most backward and underdeveloped part of the district. Adult literacy is 26%. Adult female literacy  is 5% in the tribal dominant villages. The children of this rich and beautiful mother earth  are miserably poor and undernourished. They are familiar with the deprivation, dejection, sicknesses and deaths. Gross illiteracy and a superstition bound culture prevents them from seeking health care even when it is made available to them.  The number of deaths happening in this small population is high and are unreported silent deaths.

Villages in Thuamul Rampur block are  dens of malaria which contribute to many deaths. Malaria worsens the malnutrition of the children leading to a ‘mal-mal’ situation. Scabies in its worst forms, Tuberculosis and Leprosy are also rampant here and the high load of these preventable diseases are biological manifestations of the underlying inequity and food insecurity.