Mission And Vision

Our Vision

A society free from ill health, illiteracy and poverty, where every human being lives healthy and happy, in harmony with nature.

Our Mission Our Goals
We commit ourselves to empower the least and the last and the most unreached in the society; to liberate them from the bondage of ill health, illiteracy and poverty and thereby promote equity and equality. Reduce the deaths and burden of diseases due to preventable diseases by 50% in 5 years
We facilitate peoples’ movement for health by empowering the people for community action for health. Reduce maternal mortality to acceptable limits.
We promote community-based research on the unique health problems in the tribal pockets and find solutions for them. Reduce infant mortality to 50 per 1000 and under-five mortality to 60 per 1000.
All our activities and programmes are participatory, educative, empowering and based on human rights and noble values of the tribal culture. Improve the literacy levels through an innovative education model.
Our guiding principles are Justice, Equity, Integrity and Compassion.  

The Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) is 152 per 1000 live births and the under-five Mortality Rate is 322 per 1000 live births. The maternal mortality is beyond imagination, as high as 16 deaths in a year. These findings are from a population of 10,798 people across 43 villages.